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My Differential Equations Videos
Differential Equations Video Page
Videos on how to solve several different types of differential equations.
After some videos are Maple scripts to solve and graph ODE’s and PDE’s

Euler’s Method
Euler’s Method Video Page
The Euler’s Method Video page includes a video on how to apply Euler’s method to nonlinear 2nd order differential equations. After the video is a Maple script which implements Euler’s method.
Euler’s Method, Drag, and How Far Can You Throw a Ball  (Project for Students)
The Euler’s Method Project includes Python code to implement Euler’s Method.
Throwing a Ball Can be Such a Drag (Conference Presentation)
 The conference presentation includes physical experiments in which we measure drag using pendulums

Virtual Experiments
Newton’s Law of Cooling (Project for Students)
The Newton’s Law of Cooling Project includes an R script to estimate model parameters from the data.
Virtual Experiments (Conference Presentation)
The conference presentation is on several different sources and types of virtual experiments related to differential equation models.

Free Resources for Learning Differential Equations and Modeling

SIMIODE.org an organization supporting the learning and teaching differential equations through modeling. If you want to learn how to use differential equations, visit the SIMIODE website.

SIMIODE recommended Free Differential Equations Textbook

Shen, Wen. 2015. Lecture Notes for Math 251: Introduction to Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations. 234 pp.
Download Textbook:   http://www.math.psu.edu/shen_w/PDF/NotesPDE.pdf
Book review:   https://simiode.org/resources/2947

AIM approved Free Differential Equations Textbooks